Environmentally friendly roofing in Waterloo

Going green at home and at work is a hot topic in every circle these days. Bathroom cleaners are now environmentally friendly, we’re using insulation to keep heating costs down and screwing in fluorescent light bulbs to reduce electricity bills.

But even with all the options for greening a home, roofs are often left out of the equation.

In Southwestern Ontario, the consultants at Barker Roofing are committed to providing green building information, they understand that roofing has often been a neglected part of sustainable building, leaving open valuable space that can easily contribute to lowering costs and protecting the environment.

However, that neglect appears to be changing. The team at Barker take the time to sort and recycle their bi-products that are then sent to the appropriate recycling plants instead of landfill. They also take the proper precautions to avoid hazardous/toxic materials being spilt or left behind on customer property – both residential and commercial.

For more information on an environmentally friendly roofing project or to book a free estimate, please visit www.barkerroofing.ca or email info@barkerroofing.ca for more information.