The Importance of hiring certified roofers

Selecting a properly certified and high quality roofing contractor is important and often a difficult task for consumers who are unfamiliar with the roofing industry.

It is important to keep in mind when selecting a roofer to make sure they are  certified and will honour their warranty in the future.

For residents of Southwestern Ontario, Kitchener-Waterloo based Barker Roofing is a prime choice.

They have been in business for over a decade and only hire certified roofers for your residential or commercial project.

All technicians are certified and take part in annual testing, this compares to only five per cent of roofing companies who meet the criteria for certification.

The managers at Barker are actively involved in trying to change the standards of roofing as most workers in the province are not certified, hence management work in conjunction with Ontario-wide trades colleges for better training in the roofing trade.

Barker does not use high-pressure sales tactics and ensures your comfort before undertaking projects of any size.

Consultants use iPads to show home owners different designs and colours of their products and every customer receives a letter explaining the exact process of what is being done and outlines technical working in the contract.

For more information or to book a free estimate, please visit or email for more information.

Environmentally friendly roofing in Waterloo

Going green at home and at work is a hot topic in every circle these days. Bathroom cleaners are now environmentally friendly, we’re using insulation to keep heating costs down and screwing in fluorescent light bulbs to reduce electricity bills.

But even with all the options for greening a home, roofs are often left out of the equation.

In Southwestern Ontario, the consultants at Barker Roofing are committed to providing green building information, they understand that roofing has often been a neglected part of sustainable building, leaving open valuable space that can easily contribute to lowering costs and protecting the environment.

However, that neglect appears to be changing. The team at Barker take the time to sort and recycle their bi-products that are then sent to the appropriate recycling plants instead of landfill. They also take the proper precautions to avoid hazardous/toxic materials being spilt or left behind on customer property – both residential and commercial.

For more information on an environmentally friendly roofing project or to book a free estimate, please visit or email for more information.

When you need roof maintenance

In need of a new roof or repairs to your existing one? That alone is enough to send stress levels through the (leaking) roof and in severe cases, using every pot, pail and bowl in the house to catch drips from melting snow or rain.

For those of you in need of roof repair or replacement in the Southern Ontario Region, Kitchener-Waterloo based Barker Roofing is at your service 24-hours-a-day, seven-days a week.

They advise if you suspect you need roof maintenance to look for algae or if your roof looks rough instead of flat – a sure sign of repair work that may alleviate the need for a full replacement.

Another tell-tale sign is to take notice if your neighbours, with homes or businesses about the same age as yours, having roof repairs done. It might be a sign to call for an inspection on yours.

As difficult and inconvenient as it may be, cleaning eves troughs is essential in the fall. Not cleaning them of fallen leaves can ensue in winter-weather damage that can take a damper on your Spring – and your bank account.

Barker Roofing understands this burden and potential safety hazard, thus they offer to clean eaves troughs for seniors for only $100 in the fall.

If your roof, be it residential or commercial is in need of inspection, repair, replacement or a simple cleaning, please visit or email for more information.

Barker named Favourite Roofing Company for 2015!

We are proud to announce that we have received the Kitchener-Waterloo Record Diamond Reader’s Choice award for Favorite Roofing Company of 2015. A huge thank-you to everyone for their votes and support!

Working with Habitat for Humanity

A roofing project, be it residential or commercial, owned or managed is a big task with may considerations. Cost, timeline of the project and the debris – something not often considered, but none-the-less, important details.

What happens to the wasted material? Does it go into landfill to further pollute our environment?

For residents, building owners or managers in Southwestern Ontario, Kitchener-Waterloo based Barker Roofingwill answer all of these questions and provide environmentally-friendly service on projects of all sizes.

They are currently working with registered and long-respected non-profit organization Habit for Humanity in Stratford to build a pavilion for a local school with recycled materials.

Owners and managers at Barker Roofing are hoping to expand this program to include many other residential, commercial and government buildings at all levels to give back to the community and preserve the environment.

Barker only employs certified roofers who take part in annual testing. This compares to just five per-cent of roofing companies that meet the criteria for certification. They also work in conjunction with Ontario Trades Colleges for improved roofer training.

For more information on a Habitat for Humanity roofing project or to book a free estimate, please visit or email for more information.