When you need roof maintenance

In need of a new roof or repairs to your existing one? That alone is enough to send stress levels through the (leaking) roof and in severe cases, using every pot, pail and bowl in the house to catch drips from melting snow or rain.

For those of you in need of roof repair or replacement in the Southern Ontario Region, Kitchener-Waterloo based Barker Roofing is at your service 24-hours-a-day, seven-days a week.

They advise if you suspect you need roof maintenance to look for algae or if your roof looks rough instead of flat – a sure sign of repair work that may alleviate the need for a full replacement.

Another tell-tale sign is to take notice if your neighbours, with homes or businesses about the same age as yours, having roof repairs done. It might be a sign to call for an inspection on yours.

As difficult and inconvenient as it may be, cleaning eves troughs is essential in the fall. Not cleaning them of fallen leaves can ensue in winter-weather damage that can take a damper on your Spring – and your bank account.

Barker Roofing understands this burden and potential safety hazard, thus they offer to clean eaves troughs for seniors for only $100 in the fall.

If your roof, be it residential or commercial is in need of inspection, repair, replacement or a simple cleaning, please visit www.barkerroofing.ca or email info@barkerroofing.ca for more information.